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Collaborate with specialists in producing & MANAGING unique direct response video ad campaigns that drive conversions, R.O.A.S and build memorable brands... Check out our new music video below!

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It all begins with a lightning bolt of a crazy idea! Our team of ad-writing geniuses are like a bunch of mad scientists mixed with stand-up comedians! We brew up a batch of mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind concepts that will make your brand stand out in the crowd like a unicorn at a donkey convention!

So, when you’re ready to strap on your adventure boots and unleash the power of our creative craziness, hop on board! Your brand is about to become the talk of the town … let’s do this!


Welcome to the heart of creativity in Wokingham, Berkshire, where the new Cheeky studio is the ultimate powerhouse of production awesomeness! Calling all creators, entrepreneurs, producers, and presenters! If you crave custom video production that shines, we’ve got you covered! From boosting your YouTube game to wowing your audiences with top-notch content, presenting ideas with flair, shooting epic ads, or even becoming the ultimate filming wizard for your clients – our setup boasts production quality lighting, sound, and cameras! Let’s make your video dreams a reality!




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This team just quite simply gets it! They listened to my ideas suggested some of their own, and hey presto, my videos were done! Every time I seek Deren’s help, advice or guidance he's always on hand. I would strongly recommend Cheeky Monkey as their videos for my business are top notch and have secured me many orders and lots of new business.
Andy Meade - Avocado Property Berkshire

Behind The Scenes

MULTI-SPOT VIDEO CAMPAIGNS For maximum reach ...

At our studio, we’re like the alchemists of budget stretching! Turning ordinary pennies into golden advertising nuggets is our specialty! We’re talking multi-spot ad campaigns that will conquer Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TV! Your brand is about to shine like a supernova, outshining even the brightest stars in the market galaxy!

Our secret sauce? Strategic scriptwriting that hits the bullseye every time! It’s like we’ve got a treasure map to your audience’s hearts, and our shooting days are like a well-choreographed dance of creative genius! Are you ready to make your mark and take the market by storm? Let’s make it happen together!

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Ah, the million-dollar question (or maybe the £500 to £15,000 question)! Buckle up, because here’s the real deal – we can’t put a price tag on your dream video production just yet! Why? Because it all comes down to the magical concoction of your visions, the scope of the project, and the lofty goals you’ve set for your brand-spanking-new videos!

We’re all about working hand in hand with you, embracing YOUR budget like a long-lost friend! Whether it’s a thrifty £500 or a lavish £15,000+ … we’re up for the challenge! Trust us; the ideas we can whip up with each budget are as diverse as a jungle full of wild animals doing the cha-cha!

Transparency is our middle name! From day one, we’ll be your trusty guide, laying out all the possibilities and potentials that align with your investment.

But hold on tight, because we’re not stopping at just meeting your expectations – we’re aiming to smash them to bits! Our mission is to bring you a return on investment so fast, you’ll be wondering if we’ve tapped into some kind of marketing sorcery!

So, let’s embark on this journey together! Your dream video production awaits, and we can’t wait to turn your visions into a dazzling reality that will leave your audience in awe and your competition green with envy! Let’s create some marketing fireworks!

Hey there, business rockstar! We’ve got your back, and we totally get it – you’ve got a million things on your plate, and writing scripts or making videos probably ranks somewhere near “finding a needle in a haystack” on your priority list. Well, fret not, because we’re here to make the video production journey a breeze for you!

First things first, we’ll sit down for an epic consultation session, where we’ll dive deep into your vision and goals. Our mission is to craft a proposal that not only meets your dreams but catapults them into the stratosphere! And yes, you guessed it right – all while keeping those budgets in check like a boss!

Once you give the thumbs-up to the customised proposal, we roll up our sleeves and work our magic! Cue the creative geniuses! Storyboards will come to life like comic book pages, and scripts will flow like water in a raging river!

Lights, camera, action – we handle it all! From casting the perfect actors or presenters to finding the jaw-dropping locations and designing sets that will leave your audience gobsmacked, consider it done! We’ve got the whole production spectacle covered, including the tiniest details like choosing the quirkiest props that will make your videos pop like confetti!

And when the shoot dates arrive, it’s showtime! We’ll bring your vision to life like a masterpiece painting, capturing every moment that’ll tug at heartstrings and ignite the spark of curiosity in your viewers!

But it doesn’t end there! Oh no, we’re just getting started! Our editing wizards will work their magic, adding that extra pinch of perfection to your videos until they gleam like diamonds. And before you know it, your videos will be ready to conquer the world! Get ready to launch them like rockets across social media, your website, and even TV!

So, if you’re ready for a video production journey that’s smoother than a ride on a unicorn’s back, let’s join forces and make your dreams a reality!

Alright, listen up, fellow corporate warriors! We’re all about shooting tons of videos for our savvy corporate clients (B2B and B2C), but hold your horses because we don’t do dull, snooze-fest videos around here! No way, Jose! We’re all about breaking the mold and shaking things up like a wild party on a Friday night!

Gone are the days of the “bring a tripod and hit record” snoozefests. We get it – you want that sweet return on investment, and you want it fast! Whether it’s sparking viral brand awareness or filling up that business bank account with cold hard cash, we’re here to make it happen like magic!

Let’s face it, the corporate videos of 2022 just won’t cut the mustard now, not in the age of pizzazz and mind-blowing creativity! So, we’re on a mission to infuse our cheeky genius and clever narrative into every frame, combining it with the latest psychology and trends that tickle your target audience’s fancies.  If you’re after a “bring a camera and hit record with one of our team” type of videos, unfortunately we’re not the Production company for you.

With us, your videos won’t just make waves; they’ll create a tsunami of attention within your industry! We’re talking about videos that will leave your competitors scratching their heads, wondering what hit them!

So, buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, ingenuity, and pure awesomeness! We’re here to make a positive impact on your business like a whirlwind of success! We take full accountability from the start and run your production as if your business was our own. Are you ready to take the corporate video game to a whole new level? Let’s rock this show together!

Alright, let’s talk turkey – our payment process is as smooth as butter melting on hot toast! When you’re ready to kick off this incredible video journey, we invoice you 50% booking fee to secure your spot. It’s like reserving the front-row seats to your own spectacular show!

And guess what? The real magic happens when your videos reach their final form – the 50% final payment! Once that’s done and dusted, you become the proud owner of all the copyrights and licenses to your videos. They’re officially yours to rock and roll!

You’ll receive the dazzling 1080p/4K versions of your videos, decked out in multiple formats. We’re talking portrait, square, and landscape versions, tailored to conquer all the social channels, websites, and even TV! Your videos will be like the ultimate chameleon, fitting in wherever they go!

No need to wait around or deal with any red tape. We’ll send you the whole treasure trove of awesomeness to download and keep forever. It’s like having a magical vault of creative brilliance at your fingertips, ready to be unleashed whenever and wherever you desire!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s seal this deal, and you’ll have the keys to a world of video wonder that’ll blow minds and set your brand on fire!

Oh heck yes, we thought you’d never ask! 

Listen up, because here’s the deal – having mind-blowing, jaw-dropping videos is just the tip of the iceberg! You need those videos to hit the ground running and spread like wildfire among your target audiences!

That’s where our cheeky marketing geniuses come in! They’re like magical wizards with a bag full of marketing tricks! They’ll take your epic content and unleash it across all the relevant platforms in ways that’ll make heads turn and eyes pop! We’re talking viral success, massive brand awareness, and enough leads, orders, and clients to fill a football stadium!

What’s the point of having a fantastic video if it’s like a secret treasure locked away from the world? It’s time to shine a spotlight on your brilliance and make sure your target audiences get to experience the magic!

Here’s the game plan: we’ll tailor a marketing proposal that’s tighter than a perfect drumbeat! Depending on your ad budget, we’ll squeeze every penny like a lemonade stand on a scorching summer day! Get ready for an unstoppable marketing machine that’ll conquer PPC ads, social media ads, influencer marketing, PR – you name it, we’ve got it all in our arsenal!

So, if you’re ready to unleash the power of your videos and take the world by storm, we’ve got the marketing magic that’ll make it happen! Let’s make your business the talk of the town, the sensation of the century, and the success story that’ll have everyone singing your praises!

Ah, you’re on the edge of greatness, my friend, and the next step is where the real magic begins!

Here’s the thrilling part – we’ll embark on this epic journey together! We’ll be your trusty guides, leading you through a world of creativity and possibilities. First things first, let’s have a fantastic brainstorming session where we’ll dive deep into your visions, goals, and wildest dreams!

Once we’ve got all the juicy details, our team of creative geniuses will roll up their sleeves and work their magic. Get ready for the sparks to fly as we craft the most captivating and jaw-dropping videos that will leave your audience begging for more!

But it doesn’t end there – oh no, this is just the beginning! With your videos in hand, we’ll conquer the marketing frontier like fearless pioneers. Our cheeky marketing wizards will unleash your content across all the relevant platforms, ensuring it reaches the right eyes at the right time!

And you know what comes next? Brace yourself for the wave of success that’ll hit your business like a tidal wave! We’re talking viral shares, brand awareness soaring to new heights, and an influx of leads, orders, and clients knocking at your door!

So, the next step is simple – let’s join forces and make your dreams a reality! Get ready for a journey that’ll be as thrilling as a rollercoaster ride and as rewarding as finding treasure at the end of a rainbow! Your success story awaits, and we’re here to turn it into a blockbuster hit! Are you ready? Let’s do this … fill in the form at the bottom of this page so we can understand more about your business and goals, then our team will be in touch to book in a consultation with you to discuss things further.


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