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Collaborate with specialists in producing & MANAGING premium podcast shows that build personal branding and showcase your unique ideas... Check out our new music video!

Wait, what do you mean "for free"? Explain this like I'm a 5 year old.

It’s really quite simple.  Cheeky Monkey Videos Ltd has been growing rapidly since our official inception in January 2024, and we have some grand plans for the upcoming year to help get our services to more content creators and business owners as possible – from our studio shoots to our on-location content packages … from our product shoots to digital marketing campaigns.

To achieve the next milestones, we want to pour funding into the right avenues … and that’s where you ‘potentially’ come in.

By investing £12,000, you’ll receive £15,000 of credits against the services we provide (which you can use across the next 18 months) … PLUS you’ll receive a 4% share in Cheeky Monkey Videos Ltd.  Opportunity opens Monday 8th July at 9am

podcast studio

  • Professional Sennheiser Mics
  • Customisable Setup for Multiple Themes
  • 1,000 ft² of Spacious Podcast/Vodcast Studio
  • Sound-treated walls/room
  • Premium 4K Cameras for Video Podcast
  • 55″ TV for your branding
  • Customisable lighting and personalisation of room
  • Tea/coffee refreshments included
  • Book from 2-hours+ from as little as £50 p/h
  • Add-ons include full production and editing

Got Questions about our studio facility or to book your slot? We're here to help...

1,000 Ft² Studio

Tailored specifically for podcasts, podcasts and interviews; flexible setup, superior sound quality, and a cosy environment.

Production space

Wardrobe, props and hair and makeup space for your full comfort during the shoot.


Our post-production office with our in-house team have the ability to edit your podcasts/vodcasts to your exact specs.

Professional sound stage

Equipped with kitchen facilities, bathrooms, hair and makeup, editing suite, and on-site car parking.

done-for-you options

Need the whole production taken care of? Our team can collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

Crew and props

Camera, lighting and sound equipment and crew are available for hire, to help support your productions.

Book a 45-min session to view the studio and meet with the team - ensure that our facility meets your requirements...

broadcast and interviews





content creation and marketing





specialised audio-visual recordings





Who can apply?

This is only open to clients who have bought services from us previously. Why? because you know first-hand the experience we aim to provide ... you are our biggest supporters, our most loyal fans ... and the ones most likely to capitalise on working with us into the future.


let's break this down ...

Since Cheeky Monkey Videos Ltd was officially born in January 2024, the Company has grown in strength and credibility.  With new podcasts being launched every month … new content creators utilising the studio for their needs … producing a 5-part SKY TV show … launching new digital services that make premium social ads accessible for business owners in the local area … as well as growing the cheeky monkey team, the last 6 months has been a whirlwind.  

But, we’ve not even scratched the surface of what we’re capable of.  By bringing on external funding, we’ll be able to achieve our next set of milestones even quicker.  Who best to invest in our vision than those who’ve already experienced our services first-hand … our previous clients.  

And to make this truly win-win, we wanted to come up with an idea that made this a no-brainer for any client who’s planning on utilising our services extensively across the next 18 months.  Your £12,000 investment will credit you £15,000 of services provided by Cheeky Monkey Videos, as well as 4% ownership of the Company …

You must have been a previous paying client of Cheeky Monkey Videos – whether you’ve bought studio services, digital marketing, or production services.  We have no interest in having people on board who’ve not personally experienced our levels of service.  Our investor partners should have first-hand knowledge of how we operate, how we build client relationships and the lengths that we go to to deliver the services.  You should also have plans in mind to be utilising your £15k of credit with us (an additional £3k on top of your investment) across the next 18 months.

Only 1 sign-up per client.

Not really.  But, the whole point of making this deal beneficial to YOU is that you’ll be wanting to spend your allocation of £15k credits with us across  the next 18 months.  Other than that, you’re not obliged to do anything and aren’t tied to anything.  You’ll receive 4% shares in Cheeky Monkey Videos Ltd, so you have a vested interest in the growth of the company.

There’s no point looking for any small print or anything to catch you out.  This deal is exactly what it says on the tin … and it’s our reputation on the line.  We have a vision to exponentially grow the Company … and what better way than to bring along some of our existing clients with us who already have intentions of utilising our services in the future.

For this initial offering we’re only looking for up to 5 investor partners.

Use the contact form below to express your interest in finding out more – we can then book a call to discuss this in more detail. We want you to fully understand what this opportunity is about, ensure it’s something that will be of benefit to your upcoming plans with utilising the content credit, and answer any questions you have prior to going ahead.  And of course, there’s no obligation to proceed from our side or your side after the call – it needs to be a right fit on both sides.

This opportunity opens on Monday 8th July at 9am, and ends on Friday 10th July at 6pm.

gosh, we've worked on some really cool projects...

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