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Wokingham's latest film production studio, with full flexibility.

The Cheeky Monkey Marketing studio features over 1,000 ft² of studio space and post-production offices. The main stage has 3m high ceilings that have been sound treated,  top rails for flexible lighting/sound/filming solutions, as well as enough space to create your own custom set for your productions.

Geared specifically for independent filmmakers, content producers, videographers, presenters, photographers and business owners, the studio is developed with full flexibility and cost-effectiveness in mind for you. Hire the studio from only £50 per hour … with just a minimum 2-hour booking (let’s be honest, it’d be too of a rush for you to film your masterpiece for any less time!).

And of course don’t forget, if you want your full production taken care of by our knowledgeable and experienced in-house team (rather than just renting the studio space), you can speak to us about your video project so we can collaborate from the start.

Our studio in Wokingham is geared to be a middle ground, filling the gap between you filming in cramped serviced office meeting rooms (or your home) … or paying exuberant fees to rent film studios set in enormous warehouses. Let’s bring your ideas to life in this professional setting!


WIDTH: 5.2m


HEIGHT: 3.2m

NOISE : sound-treated

TRUSS: 5 runs of 50mm ceiling rails

Got Questions about our studio facility or to book your slot? We're here to help...

1,500 Ft² Studio

of sound-treated studio space, including the main set with 3m high ceilings, backdrops, and top rails.

Production space

Wardrobe, props and hair and makeup space for your full comfort during the shoot.


Our post-production office with our in-house team have the ability to edit your videos to your exact specs.

Professional sound stage

equipped with kitchen facilities, bathrooms, hair and makeup, editing suite, and on-site car parking.

done-for-you options

Need the whole production taken care of? Our team can collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

Crew and props

Camera, lighting and sound equipment and crew are available for hire, to help support your productions.

Book a 45-min session to view the studio and meet with the team - ensure that our facility meets your requirements...


WIDTH: 5.2m


HEIGHT: 3.2m

NOISE :  sound-treated

TRUSS: 5 runs of 50mm rails




HEIGHT: 2.3m

NOISE :  sound-treated

TRUSS: 5 runs of 50mm rails


WIDTH: 3.3m


HEIGHT: 2.3m

NOISE :  sound-treated

TRUSS: 5 runs of 50mm rails

Book Now.

The fastest and most transparent way to book is through our online booking system below. View availability, select from 2+ hours to a full day studio hire ... then book online!
For custom enquiries/times/days, please drop our team a message to discuss your needs.


Have Questions? Look Here.

Welcome to our video wonderland! Feast your eyes on our 3m high sound-treated main stage – a creator’s paradise! You get to play with our versatile green/white/black backdrops or go wild with your custom designs! Build sets, bring props – the stage is yours!

We’re proud to be a middle ground between you trying to film at home or renting office space … and hiring an enormous warehouse that costs you thousands of £’s per day – our studio is ideal to bring your ads, presentations, podcasts and interviews to life in a professional setting, without breaking the bank.

But wait, there’s more! Our studio include access to convenient male/female toilets, a cosy kitchen area, and hassle-free on-site car parking. Plus, we’ve got a stellar in-house team on standby, ready to lend a helping hand whenever you need that extra magic!

Oh, and if you want us to take the reins and produce your commercials/videos, we’re all ears! Whether in our studio or on location, we’ve got the skills and creativity to make your vision come alive. So let’s team up and create something extraordinary together!

Hey there, small-scale production champs! Our studio is tailor-made for your creative needs, just like a custom-fit glove! Picture this – it’s the perfect haven for teams of 1-10 cast and crew to work their magic!

We’ve got you covered, from start to finish, with a space that screams “professionalism” while respecting your budget like a BFF! Say goodbye to tiny, cramped setups, and wave farewell to those wallet-draining hangars/warehouses – we’re bridging the gap just for you!

So, if you’re craving a cosy yet fully-equipped space that’s bursting with possibilities, welcome home! Let’s make movie-making dreams come true and put on a show that’ll shine like the North Star! Lights, camera, action!

You are the creator, the visionary, the one-with-the-plan … and we don’t want to stifle your imagination of what you can produce. All we ask is that your production doesn’t have open flames, and if you’ll be using water, smoke machines or haze, that you let us know beforehand so we can make necessary arrangements. We heavily encourage you to visit the studio in advance of placing a booking, so that you’re aware of the space available and ensure it meets your criteria for production. We’ll get the kettle on!

Great news, budget-savvy creators! We’ve got your back when it comes to costing. Hire from just a 2-hour studio session for as low as £50, and for a full day (8 hours) of creative bliss, for just £400! It’s like having a treasure trove of opportunity at a fraction of the cost! So, let’s make your vision a reality without breaking the bank! And if you need to hire our gear or crew with your studio session, that won’t cost you much either … and you’ll have broadcast-quality gear (cameras, tripods, lighting, audio) to accomplish exactly what you want – just get in touch to ask about hiring kit with your studio session.

No worries, we’ve got you covered like a well-tailored suit! If you need that extra boost of professional equipment, you’re in luck! We’re thrilled to rent you our top-notch kit for a small fee – lighting, audio gear, c-stands, tripods, cameras, teleprompters, EasyRigs, DanaDolly, gimbals – you name it, we’ve got it!

Just give our team a heads-up beforehand, and we’ll check availability and our super competitive rental prices. It’s like having access to a treasure trove of gear without the hassle!

And guess what? Our in-house crew is champing at the bit to join your project! With over 20 years of experience working on commercials, presentations, and films, they’re like the dream team of expertise!

So, give us a shout in advance, and we’ll make sure our crew members are available to bring their magic to your shoot dates. Let’s team up and make your production soar to new heights of professionalism!

Absolutely, we’d love for you to pop in and check out our fantastic studio before making any decisions … in fact, we’d encourage all of our clients to scout the space, ensuring it’s a perfect fit for their needs and creative vision.

Let’s make it even better – let’s chat over a cup of coffee (or tea, juice, water) and dive deep into your requirements. We want to understand your goals, dreams, and everything in between, so we can tailor the studio experience just for you.

So, come on over, have a look around, and let’s brew up some magic together! We can’t wait to show you our studio’s potential and discuss how we can bring your project to life!

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Got Questions about our studio facility or to book your slot? We're here to help...